GSS Jain Gurukul is one of the school that goes beyond academics, catering to students signature strengths.


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Why Gss Gurukul?

Cambridge Assessment International Education. Healthy, happy campus living, with proper Indian values, human cultural and spiritual values.

The environment keeps teachers and students healthy and promotes environmental literacy.

Choosing organic food for children can go a long way toward minimising your child's exposure to harmful substances.

Aesthetically designed academic blocks with octagon learning centers, labs, libraries, assembly hall and amphitheater.

Beyond Academics

GSS Jain Gurukul goes beyond academics, catering to students signature strengths.

Pot Painting

Pot Painting can be an excellent podium for children to progress and discover their creativity. They learn about various colors.


Every student is encouraged to join in at least one school sports team. The P.E. teachers we employ are young and energetic.

Face Painting

The art of face painting has shifted from being just a fun, informal activity for children into a highly formalized art style.

Pottery Class

Pottery is an art form and explores the basics of forming and shaping clay this course introduces glazing, firing and designing.


When would be the holidays during the year?

As per the academic planner. There may changes if required, since it is a residential school

What will be the kind of teaching and curriculum?

CAIE (Cambridge Assessment International Education) Lower Secondary and IGCSE International Curriculum. Teaching and learning is application oriented enhancing critical and analytical thinking. An entrance exam is conducted for admission which begin from November.

What would be class timings during the day?

As per the schedule given on the website with minor variations, if any.

What would a typical working day be like?

Our working day starts at 05:30 am with activities like sports, yoga, breakfast, academic classes and preparatory classes and ends with dinner, and occasional relaxation time in between.
process Academics

How We Work?

We are committed to providing a wholesome experience to the students that is not limited just to academics, but other extra-curricular activities.

Academic Block

Aesthetically designed academic blocks with octagon learning centers, labs, libraries, assembly hall and amphitheatre. It is horizontally laid for the comfort of the learners

50 Minutes Learning

Our 50 minutes learning has been scientifically divided into talking time, movement/observation time, understanding time, reading time, worksheet/writing time and recapitulation time.


Extra Curricular Activities

Our extra-curricular activities are an example of what we offer beyond academics. We bring out talents from kids and help nurture them from a young age.

Cambridge Assessment

Cambridge IGCSE Syllabus offers a flexible and stimulating curriculum, supported with excellent resources and training.

GSS provides a variety of amenities in their school complex. As a parent, I’m very satisfied that my child is studying in a comfortable environment.



I had a look at this wonderful campus while admitting my child in GSS. I believe that their academic structure along with serene atmosphere will help my kid a lot.



The staff is well educated and is trained to take care of the students well. You can trust them to help your children grow