GSS Jain Gurukul is one of the school that goes beyond academics, catering to students signature strengths.


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Message from Principal

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GSS Jain Gurukul, Cambridge International Residential School is the temple of education for students. The school provides facilities of learning through hi-tech Communication Information Technology based on Indian Education System of Gurukul imbibing the  Indian values. Gurukul prepares the students to keep pace with changes in the educational field and gives quality of education to the students in highest order to compete the challenges in the future. Gurukul helps the students to build up self-confidence and develop leadership qualities that can help them  to become more self-dependant with good habit of discipline.

A well balanced curriculum of Gurukul ensures that the students who study in this school will not only excel in academic but also trained in various sports and other curricular activities which includes Art & Design, Drawing,Classical Music & Dance, Pottery, Gardening ,Swimming and Karate. With a fine blending of Indian traditional and modernity and value based education, the school is marching towards achieving its primary objective of its establishment.

Our efforts in Gurukul is to ensure that all the students achieve the requisite physical , mental, intellectual , emotional and moral standards essential for the progressive and continuous development to become the good citizen of India. There are many educational initiatives and infrastructure developments had undertaken at this school to achieve this standard.

Learning is not a process limited to schools and colleges; it is a continuous lifelong process. This school is oriented to provide total personality development of the students and help them to adapt their learning in order to achieve their chosen field in the future. The students study at this school, develop fine characters and live by Indian values and are honest, committed to truthfulness in thought, word and deed. This is because of the character and self-discipline imbibed during their stay at this school. The school emphasises on overall personality development of students by inculcating a sense of discipline, honour, integrity, camaraderie and sense of pride.

This school is blessed with fantastic infrastructure and committed staff who are being continuously and constantly motivated and guided to be source  of knowledge and inspiration to the students .With continuous and tired less efforts of  Chairman Shri Gautham Chand Vaid ,Secretary Shri Yashwant Vaid, Dr Jaya Venugopal  other distinguished management committee members and full understanding and support from the parents, I am sure that GSS Jain School shall attain great heights of glory and success in coming years.

It is indeed an honour and privilege for me to be a part of Gurukul after hanging my Air Force uniform having thirty years of glorious service in educating air warriors of the mighty Indian Air Force. Jai Hind!