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Angola has significant production of mango, maize and beans

According to the official who was  speaking at the 1st seminar on “Challenges and perspectives of agribusiness in Angola, organized by BAI Academy under  presidential decree 23/19, it is prioritized the substitution of imports, taking into account the increase in the production of some goods, with emphasis on maize that reached more than two million tons per year.

Without advancing the amount of other products, the official said that fruits, particularly mango, banana and pineapple are products that do not need to be imported.

Regarding legumes, he said that the country produces 350,000 tons annually.

Concerning rice, the official said that the country continues to import in large quantities, but there are conditions for the country to produce this and other cereals to respond to domestic consumption, or at least create the conditions to make shelling here in the country.

The country also has a large deficit in the production of cooking oil, but the country also has conditions for the cultivation of sunflower, soya and other crops that serve as raw material and the Government’s strategy under the Production Support Program, Diversification of Import Export and Replacement (Prodesi) goes in this direction of increasing production.

The country is potentially rich, he added, hence the need to look deeper and begin to empower small farmers, with priorities for corn, beans, maize and hypo, rice and other cereal crops to replace imports.

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