Commodities Prioritized For Processing

Commodities for processing in the Agro-processing hubs are prioritized using a strategic approach.Based on Angola’s current and future potential, the crops/ products have been rationalized.

Below is the list of commodities prioritized through deepened analysis;

S.No. Crops/ Produce Rationale
1. Coffee Excellent bio-physical suitability, traditional export commodity, offers great scope for improving both area production and productivity
There is a potential for weaving a unique story around the revival of the Angolan coffee and the possibility of branding it as an organic product
2. Soybean An important commercial crop, almost entirely available for processing
3. Maize Most important crop in terms of area, production, processing, and holds potential for value addition and export
4. Cassava Second largest area under cultivation and has value addition potential
5. Potato Important tuber crop holds great potential for value addition. The area and yield steadily increasing in recent years.
6. Citrus Citrus is listed as an important fruit crop, huge potential for value addition and also suitable for commercial farming
7. Groundnut Fourth largest area under cultivation as per FAO (Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations) data and most important crop in terms of area planted and hold significant potential for value addition and processing in Angola
8. Sweet potato Significant crop in terms of area and production, widely grown across the country, and holds potential for processing
9. Tomato Important horticultural crop, grown in large areas in Angola. Possess immense  scope for improving the area, production, productivity and value addition in a relatively short span of time
10. Honey Honey holds excellent value addition potential and high returns to investment by value addition and branding
11. Dairy Very high domestic market prospects
12. Poultry Ready availability of local and regional market
13. Livestock Extensive demand in the domestic markets