Development Zones

A well-structured and systematic methodology was adopted for choosing the potential regions for setting up SAPZs in Angola based on the analysis of various qualifying parameters such as climatic conditions, crop diversity, regional connectivity, availability of abundant agricultural lands (procurement zone), skill set for agro-processing and agribusiness development, socio-economic conditions of the beneficiaries etc.,

The Agro-clusters are proposed to be developed in two (2) provinces, namely Kwanza-Sul and Malanje.

Kwanza – Sul Province

Kwanza – Sul is located in the country’s centre-west shore and spreads over an area of 55,600

The proposed location for the Agro-processing hub falls in the Quibala Municipality.

Regional details of Kwanza – Sul Province

Sl.No. Description Remarks
1. Climate   Hot semi-arid type
2. Average annual temperature   Between 24°C to 28°C
3. Season 1.Hot: September and October
2.Warm: January to April
3.Cool: July to August
4. Geology  Bornite, Chalcolite and Chalcopyrite
5. Wind  Predominantly from west to east
6. Water resources  River Kwanza runs from east to west before draining into the Atlantic Ocean
7. Major agricultural crops 1.Corn

Malanje Province

Located in the northern part of Angola, Malanje province spreads over an area of 97,602 The proposed location of the Agro-processing hub falls under the Cacuzo municipality.

Regional details of Malanje Province

Sl.N# Description Remarks
1. Climate  Tropical wet
2. Average annual temperature  Between 20°C to 25°C
3. Season 1.Hot months are March and April
2.Cool month is July
4. Geology  The province has several minerals such as manganese, copper, iron, diamonds, granite, limestone and radioactive minerals.
5. Wind  Predominantly from west to east
6. Major agricultural crops 1.Maize
5.Sweet Potato