Agriculture demonstrates a huge potential in terms of production and economic growth. The development of Agriculture and its allied sectors is Angola’s key priority and strategic objective for the diversification of the country’s economy.

Angola is potentially one of Africa’s breadbaskets. Angola is in the drive to revitalize its’ agriculture sector. The country is blessed with vast expanse of land, diverse ecological zones, deep water ports and transportation infrastructure that is being reconstructed. Being home to over 30 million people, the country is the third and fifth largest buyer of agricultural and poultry products respectively. Despite the availability of fertile lands, favorable climate and suitable soil conditions, the agriculture is yet to be enhanced with good infrastructure, processing capacity, efficient supply-side marketing and distribution channels.

Over the past decades, Republic of Angola has shown evident growth in the agriculture sector with a significant contribution of about 12% of GDP and this strongly demonstrates a rapid growth in the near future.

The Government is taking significant efforts to revamp the agriculture sector though various policy measures with the aim of creating a conducive business for investors. Economic diversification and food security are the key pillars of government’s policy framework in revitalising agriculture in Angola through sustainable practices focussed towards economic diversification and food security. The development of agriculture and its allied sectors are also attributed towards employment generation on a large scale.

PRODESI (Program to support Production, Diversification of Exports and Substitution of Imports), part of the current 2018-2022 NDP (National Development Plan), implemented by Government of Angola with a set of three (3) main axes, seventeen (17) clusters, and sixty-six (66) activities have been identified to aid in enhancing the overall economic growth and sustainability.

In this background, the Government intends to accelerate PRODESI for increased agricultural sector growth, ultimately to ensure self-sufficiency in food production. Special Agro-commodities Processing Zone (SAPZ) will be an effective tool that would act as a catalyst to assist Government in realising the benefits of PRODESI. The SAPZs will be a concentration of agro commodity producers, agribusinesses and institution with emphasis on the growth of agro and allied sub-sectors, building value and networks, addressing common challenges and pursuing beneficial opportunities on a holistic basis.

Angola endowed with bounteous natural advantages offers immense opportunities for high growth in agriculture and allied sectors. It is imperative to take and develop strategies to leverage the growing demand in both domestic and international markets, besides fulfilling its food security and nutritional security. Based on the findings, the thrust areas requiring priority attention includes:

  • Improving production and productivity
  • Reducing production cost
  • Wastage reduction
  • Increasing value addition
  • Proce stabilisation
  • Use of hi-tech agriculture technologies
  • Micro-propogation
  • Micro-irrigation/ fertigation
  • Integrated nutrient management
  • Organic farming
  • Integrated pest management
  • Protected cultivation/ greenhouse technology
  • Post-harvest management
  • Conservation and development of native livestock
  • Adoption of state-of-the-art food processing technologies
  • Focussing on high-unit value realisation in export markets