Uniqueness of SAPZ concept:

Upon implementation of SAPZ concept in Angola, a significant investment could be triggered in agro and allied sectors. The concept of SAPZ by itself is meritorious owing to its uniquely perceived concept design that provides an array of benefits as stipulated below:

  • Increased Market demand
  • Accessibility to markets
  • Cost competitiveness
  • Product quality and uniqueness
  • Seasonability and ability to meet demand
  • Qualified labour
  • Effective coordination of supply chain

Project concept

Sustainable development of the agri and allied sectors is essential for achieving desired objectives such as food security, value addition, growth in exports, creating jobs for millions of teeming youth, creating value chains where Angola has comparative advantages, attracting Foreign Direct Investment supporting the development of local content agro-processing industry, human resource development and establishment of standards for certification of safety and quality and changing the perception about agriculture as a business initiative instead of mere developmental project.

It is a well-established fact that availability and access to infrastructure is a pre-requisite for attracting inward investments to the country and the concept of agro-cluster development aids in attracting investments by addressing theinfrastructure bottlenecks.

Clusters, internationally recognized aseffective means of promotion of value addition in the processing industry, offer asuccessful tool of intervention forpolicymakers.

Agroclustersis a form of agro-production,processing and business infrastructure,offering the benefits of a cluster model. Sustainable agribusiness development model is to be effectively addressed on priority.

Desired objectives

The entire concept of SAPZs is core to sustainable development of the agri and allied sectors which shall enable the achievement of the following desired objectives:

  • Food security
  • Value addition
  • Growth in exports
  • Creating jobs for millions of teeming youth
  • Creating value chains
  • Development local content agro-processing industry
  • Human resource development
  • Establishment of standards for certification of safety and quality

The concept has been built with the vision to transform the perspective about agriculture as a growth engine rather than a conventional development project.

The setting up of SAPZs with world class environment and state-of-the-art infrastructure will be an outreach to attract investments for sustainable development in the field thereby resulting in a complete revival of the country beyond imagination. SAPZ concept qualifies as an able catalyst from the economics and implementation standpoint. The ability of the concept to be multiplied across different regions in the country encompassing diverse sub-sectors such as livestock and forestry is enormous, thereby aptly positioning SAPZ as the preferred model for revitalising agriculture in Angola.