Value Chain Analysis

Value chain commodity selection was carried out by the relevant available secondary data and the primary data collected specially for development of SAPZ in Angola. Key commodities were shortlisted through a strategic value chain analysis by taking cognizance of the opportunities, constraints and strategic interventions for different value chains.

Opportunities in this sector include:

  • Traditional crops: Coffee, Cassava, beans, corn, sugarcane tobacco, fruits
  • Cotton farming for the textile industry
  • Fishing industry, processing, vessels, dry-dock, and cold-chain development
  • Infrastructure, irrigation, water management, engineering, mechanization
  • Animal husbandry, poultry farms, corn, wheat and sugar mills, food processing, marketing and expertise

An integrated end to end approach for sustainable agribusiness

SAPZs proposed will focus on enabling a structural methodology for addressing thrust areas, facilitating technologies, enhancing skill sets and modern management practices. SAPZs will be enabled with distinguishing features like state-of-the-art technology, know-how and international marketing of the products and a demonstrating mode to develop the much needed agri-infrastructure and agro-based industries.

An integrated end to end approach for sustainable agribusiness