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VVD Veda Pancha Deepam Oil is the perfect oil for all your devotional, cultural practises and the name itself states that Pancha stands for five elements glowing in Deepam (lamps).

Castor oil have been in use in Indian traditions for long from Ancient times in devotions & religious practices. It embellishes the source of Agni (fire) in lamps & diyas.

VVD Veda Pancha Deepam Oil is made from a plant family Euphorbiaceae called castor bean.

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Washing your hair everyday can make it dry and fizzy, although twice a week is absolutely necessary.

Perfect hair needs perfect care

Pick the right shampoo and conditioner that suits your hair. Remember that too much shampoo doesn’t do much good.

Improve scalp blood circulation

While combing, make sure the tooth of the comb touches your scalp. Movement of the comb on your scalp has been proved to improve blood circulation.

The way we tie our hair matters

Having tight hairstyles for longer than you can handle can give you a headache. It also causes hair loss and weakens the root due to the pull.


Consider this your culinary schooling with helpful cooking tips! You will become the best cook in no time.

Safety while using Cooking Oil:

While heating the oil, bring it up to the appropriate temperature slowly. Avoid splattering hot oil by adding food gently – do not dump it into the pan. Make sure your food is try and does not contain water droplets.

Roast your Grains before cooking them:

Another thing that people never think to roast but should, is dried pasta. This simple and easy step makes the pasta nutty and browned, and gives it a more complex flavor and a different yet flavorful taste.

Use your microwave to make instant Potato Chips

This life-hack shall save you a lot of time and energy! In need of an immediate snack? Microwaves are perfect for drying herbs and making potato chips in a matter of minutes.

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The ideal cooking oil for all your cooking needs.

Cooking oils are natural extracts with edible & synthetic fats and all sorts of cooking methods reduces stress and lifts overall body functioning efficiency.


Perfect hairstyles for professional women

If you are a professional woman, the chance is big that you find it extremely boring to wear the same dull hairstyle each and every day to your office.